ABS pump on 2001 Volvo V70

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I just heard that our ABS pump may have gone bad on our Volvo Cross Country. We just had the transmission redone. Does anyone know what this should cost and what questions I should be asking? Also where can I get a used part if I need one?
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try your local wrecking yard,ask them to put it out on the hotline for you. the normal cost of abs pump w/ labor is approx 1200.00 plus tax. depending on which system you have
This may be a false diagnosis. The ABS modules are ver, very problematic on this model and one of the issues is that is will set a diagnostic trouble code for the ABS pump. I can almost guarantee this is the issue because it's so prevalent, but a quick test by activating the pump will verify this. This is such a common issue that there are companies that rebuild these ABS Control Modules, so have yours rebuilt or buy a rebuilt one. A quick search online and you will find tons of info about this.
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