abs module on all the time,even vehicle is not running,brakes work,lite stays on on 2001 Chevrolet S10

the abs module has the same sound as if applied while braking,the abs light on the dash is on.the brakes are working fine and the module still stays active even when the engine is not running.what is the issue and what do i do to rectify.

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If the pump is running possible short, The module supplies the power to the pump. Have the module scanned for codes and post here. If the pump is running unplug the pump from the module, 2 wire connector.
Ok,The module has stopped running,brakes work great.I just hate seeing lights on my dash.A friend has one of those computer engine tester things that will give the code,then I will send the code to you.
Tahnk you,Gerald.
Make sure you can read the ABS module. A code reader will not read it.
How do you read the code? Does it have to be taken to a mechanic?
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Common, some of the modules can be repaired, others only replaced. Search online for ABS module repair and be very specific matching the picture of the module to the one on your truck.