ABS Malfunction? on 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer

The other day, I came to a stoplight and the brakes made a horrible noise like the ABS was kicking on. I was barely moving when the noise happened. Later, the ABS light came on which means that the ABS is off according to the owner's manual. The ABS light comes on occasionally now. What could it mean if the ABS kicks on when I'm only going about 5-10 mph?

Reports of this symptom are commonly caused by the ABS module seeing one of the wheel speed sensor signals becomming erratic, which can mimic a wheel locking up. The ABS MIL coming on means the system is coding and the ABS module may have identified a faulty wheel speed sensor circuit if the MIL is directly related to the false ABS commands.
Where is that module located? Can I get some additional info?Pictures location or prints would be welcome.Thanks in advance for your help.