ABS, little tire, and ESP stay on on 2005 Dodge Sprinter 2500

About 3 mo. ago the ABS, ESP, and little tire lights came on and couldn't get van out of Park . Had to turn on and off several times before lights go out and van functions normally? this has been going on
now daily maybe once or twice a day . I changed out front and rear pads but it kept happening? 3 wk.
ago the cruise control would not function at times either . Now it happens more frequently? However , today I had the front lower ball joints replaced and the lights will not go off which of course affects braking and handling? I drive for FedEx with this van with 216,000mi. ? What is the problem , can I fix

Check the ten amp fuses under the steering wheel, Mine blow out ocassionally and OI have to overide the transmission shifter lever to drive back, simple fix, usually a ten amp fuse when I'm towing.
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Change the brake light switch, I did this and it fixed all problems.
I have a Dodge Sprinter and after maintenance check! in Dodge dealer (they swapped front and rear wheels) i've got ABS, ESP, Brakes, Engine light on after driving it for 0.5 mile, and the transmission is not shifting, I had the brakes fixed but the lights are coming back on after some drive - does anyone know how to fix it?
did you ever figure this out... please let me know