2006 Chrysler Pacifica Q&A

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Question: ABS light won't go off. Now the check engine light is on.

I had just the ABS light that would not go off, then my check engine light came on, what's going on? I got new brakes... -
Answer 1
Did the light come on after you got new brakes? They might have broke a wheel sensor? If it was already on prior to repairs? Take it to the shop to have them scan the abs. -
Comment 1
Yes, that's why I replaced the brakes. The ABS light that is, the engine light came on about three weeks after I replaced the brakes. -
Comment 2
You need to take the vehicle back to them and ask them to scan it or check to see if they broke any wires? -
Answer 2
have put on computer test abs and engine lite get codes no. -
Answer 3
Did you get this problem solved? This is a 2nd problem (abs & engine lights on) I'm having along with a gascap code. -