ABS light stays on on 2005 Buick Terraza

The ABS & TC light started staying on yesterday. This is the first time it doesn't stay off after I restart the car. How soon do I need to take it in and what should I expect

by in Newcastle, CA on April 13, 2010
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ANSWER by on April 13, 2010
If the ABS Light is on, then you will not have anti-lock brakes, but the regular brake system will work normally, as long as none of the other brake lights are on. You should expect to pay for diagnosis time to look into this, normally 1 hour of diagnosis time.
ANSWER by on June 05, 2010
This happens on our 2005 Terraza also. One cause (expensive ~$375) was an intermittent sensor in the front wheel. The sensor is only sold as part of a full wheel bearing assembly. The other (not resolved) are issues with the Body Control Module (BCM). At the present time speed control fails in about 30 minutes, and then "service T/C" module displays. When we turn off car often it will work for another 15-30 minutes. Of course when we go to dealer (only place that can access BCM) it doesn't show fault, but comes with a 1hr diagnostic charge each time... Good Luck
COMMENT by on September 19, 2010
have a terraza mini van - 2005 - purchased in October 2005. March 2007 had to replace ALL 4 tires. The again in January 2009 - at this time - was told that the sensor in the Hub Bearing was bad and the whole Hub Bearing assembly had to be replaced. Replaced both - left and right. (ABS) light started coming on afterwards. Shop replaced the Hub Bearings again. Now October 2010 - need 4 new tires AGAIN - and (ABS) lights on AGAIN. replaced one Hub Bearing Assembly - and a couple of days later (ABS) on again! I have aligned all 4 tires several times, have the tires rotated almost every other or every 3rd oil change and have had the tires balanced. My tires are getting totally chopped up in about 18 months and the (ABS) light is a continuous problem. My van is headed back to the shop tomorrow - Monday, September 20th because the (ABS) light is on and the tires will HAVE to be replaced. Something else is wrong with my van - Something is tearing up my tires!!
COMMENT by on September 25, 2010
1st, "Service T/C" issue above turned out to be a wire cut when quarterpanel was installed. At 48000mi and post bankrupcy cost me another $400 (on top of about $1200 in mis-diagnosis). GRRR. 2nd you are right about wheel bearings being a common problem. At 52000 all 4 are bad. Dealer only part about $350/wheel. This is doubly bad considering that 2 of them were replaced as part of the ABS debacle. Tires/brakes/ wheel bearings seem mighty fragile on this vehicle. Baldo51
ANSWER by on September 25, 2010
This seems to be a common problem on these vehicles..I used a good sealer on the connectors to the front wheel sensors. Also, bent the brackets a bit so the wires and connectors do not contact the suspension parts at any time....So far, so good... Mike
ANSWER by on December 06, 2010
dont worry to much evrithing is ok
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