ABS light stays on on 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

My abs light stays on all the time. I had it checked for a code and it showed that there is no signal from the speed sensor on the drivers side. I replaced the speed sensor and it did not cure the problem. I took off the control module and sent it in for repair but there was no problems with the module. I checked for open wires from the speed sensor to the control module with no problems. Could there be a bad computer problem?

by in Prineville, OR on December 05, 2010
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ANSWER by on December 05, 2010
Did you check for any issue with the sensor indicator ring on that left front?
COMMENT by on December 08, 2010
Is the sensor indicator ring in the bearing hub? I looked down the hole where the speed sensor goes and I slowly rotated the hub to see if there was any dirt or grim and it looked clean all the way around of the ring. I did replace the bearing hub about 3 months ago, It was a after market hub from china, I was told by the company that checked the control module that they have heard problems from these after market parts. The speed sensor that I installed was also an after market component, I took off the after market speed sensor and compared it to the original gm part and I noticed that the gm part was 1/8 inch longer than the after market part(the part of the sensor that goes into the hole of the hub) could that be the problem why I am not getting any voltage to the control module. Thank you, Harold
COMMENT by on December 08, 2010
Yes yes yes. The difference in distance between the sensor and the ring based on how it's built is all the difference you need to cause your problem. 100% have seen this in the past. It's variables like these that always cause the problems...and solve them.
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