1994 Pontiac Sunbird Q&A

1994 Pontiac Sunbird Question: ABS LIGHT ON!!!! NO BRAKES

my abs light is on in my car. i also have no brakes except if i puch the brake pedel all the way to the floor but when i do that it skids. what could be the problem -
Answer 1
sunbirdhater10, Goodness! I urge you to get your vehicle to someone to check it out before even thinking of driving it again. That is wayyy dangerous. If you have no brakes, your ABS can wait. Get your hydraulic system fixed first (blown caliper seal? blown wheel cylinder seal? Leaking brake line? Leaking hose? Faulty master cylinder...?). Then worry about ABS. Click here for some shops in your area...good luck! http://repairpal.com/directory?address=68638&car_brand_names=Pontiac -
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thank you. i will do that -
Comment 2
I am having the exact same problem....no leaks anywhere...they changed out the master cylindar and now are replacing the ABS -
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there weere to many problems with that car. i got so tired of fixing something then something else would go wrong everytime i did it. it was a vishious cycle that i didn't wanna deal with anymore. so i took the car to the crusher and said my farewells -