ABS Light On on 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

We replaced the battery on my car yesterday and the bolt for the negative cable wire snapped. We bought the wire from the dealer and took it to a local garage to have it fixed. After fixing it, the mechanic stated the ABS light was on and they couldn't get it to go off. They said it was about a $700 problem. The light wasn't on when we took it in, and two places say they can't get it to go off. VW dealer wants $114 just to diagnose it. I don't see how it can actually be the whole ABS module that needs to be replaced. Is there something that could have happened when replacing the battery or the negative wire to cause this? Any thoughts?

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The ABS modules are notoriously bad on these cars. Battery replacement may have been coincidental but the factory VW tool or a scan tool made by Baum, or Vedis are prety good at narrowing down the area the problem pertains to.
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does your car have esp? electronic stability program? it may need to be driven a hundred feet or so to reset the steering angle sensor. this code cant be erased after battery disconnect until car is driven. usually you will not be able to communicate with abs when the module is bad.