2001 Subaru Outback Q&A

2001 Subaru Outback Question: ABS light on

repairing ABS module -
Answer 1
what is the probem?? what are the codes??? what are the symptoms??? Roy -
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The ABS will stay on until the car is stopped. Also recently went on a trip where my cruise control wouldn't work when my headlights were on after the ABS light had come on.
How do I access the ans to my question about intermittent check engine, & brake dashbd lights?
after it started. Then ABT light came on and AB? light started flickering, turn signal lights made a swooshing sound and are dim, car made several hard jerks in the mile it took me to leave it at...
Began as an intermittent problem and now is continuous. These lights came on once under warranty and I was informed it was the gas cap. I purchased a new gas cap this time with no change in the d...