abs light on on 2005 Buick Century

intermit scanned and read code c1218 looked up code and said pump motor circuit short to voltage or motor ground.Where do I start to find solution to problem

by in Auburn, NY on February 08, 2011
0 answers
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Could this suddenly be caused by ABS system or is it something else? Happens in open road driving, not in town. Mechanic had told me can drive car o.k. without ABS
If the ABS light on the instrument panel illuminates, our technicians recommend checking the brake lamps first. It...
abs brake light came on couple of months ago. mechanic says i need to replace the complete system. computer dianostic indicate following ---ccde C1298,PCMclass 2 serial data link malfunction----c...
Since I purchased the car around a year ago, there has been a noticeable situation when backing out of driveways, parking spots, etc. It seems like there is a momentary clicking near the front brak...
When applying the brakes,there is a sudden loss in presure,then the ABS (trac off) lights up on the dash, What component in the ABS system has failed?

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