GMC Sonoma Problem Report

GMC Sonoma ABS Light Due to Brake System Control Unit Failure

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The Anti-lock brake system (ABS) control unit may fail internally causing the ABS warning light to illuminate.

ABS and BRAKE lights come on at different times. Sometimes while driving. Most of the time after short hops to different stores etc. If I turn the engine on and off 3 or 4 times the lights will stay off for a day or two. I've been told the ABS control module is bad. Can not afford to get it fixed at this time. -
The ASB light stays on but have had no issues with braking. -
Abs light come on & dealer said the the abs brake module is bad. It may stay off during cold mornings but always comes on when outside temp is warm. Brakes still operate well. I will have to pump brakes if car begins to skid. Would replace if I could find module cheap. -
ABS warning light comes on and sometimes doesn't but no effect to the braking function. -
Abs light is on. Truck wont run more than 30 mph.. -
Brake warning lights(ABS and Brake)come on erratically but brakes still work. ABS braking has never worked. Thanks GM. -
1.ABS Light to Brake System IS ON,AND HAVE NOT FIXED -
abs light would come on all the time and when the brakes were pessed they would pulsate -
ABS Light comes on and then brakes work irratically -
abs light on--no brake problems noted -
ABS light would come on intermittently, I have already paid a shop to rebuild a controller box 350 bucks! -
abs light come -
I pulled the fuse to the ABS control module. This also disabled the cruise control, but now the truck is able to stop at slow speeds. -
ABS light lights intermittently. Every so often there was a loud noise under the hood when brakes were applied. -
I have owned my Sonoma for 9 years. 5 years ago, at 85,940 miles, the abs and brake light started coming on intermittently. it does it more when it is warm outside and all the time when the temps are over 100 degrees. I have tested all sensors, and they are all still good. This led me to the ABS control. I know it is bad, since my Tester tells me it is. I did find the part at a local parts dealer for 245.00, but once installed, it has to be reprogrammed as it comes blank. The replacements are all re manufactured parts. Planning to purchase this soon and have it done and over with. the lights have been more of an annoyance than anything. The truck has always stopped on a dime without issue. -
Intermittent problem of brake and ABS light coming on at the same time. Seems to happen after heavy stop and go traffic or when carrying a load well within load limits. Brake fluid full and emergency brake off. No problems stopping or with ABS. Lights generally go off the next day. Was told module was bad. I am going to try unplugging connector from module, cleaning, and installing new dielectric grease on connection. -
The abs light is almost always on -
lights stay on -
light stays on brakes work fine first freeze this morning -
ABS and brake lights on randomly with no effect on brake system. Diagnosis revealed nothing. Recently, low speed braking triggers ABS. Nothing done yet, may have to clean sensors myself. -
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