Cadillac DeVille Problem Report

Cadillac DeVille ABS Light Due to Control Module Failure

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The anti-lock brake system (ABS) control module may fail causing the ABS light to illuminate. Failed modules should be replaced to restore ABS operation.

Abs light, brake light and traction light all came on at once! Cannot get them to go out- this is costing me a fortune and now my car failed inspection -
Have abs and traction control light on need to know what is the problem -
all brake warning lights are on, and when you apply breaks the car seems to wobble, like the rottors(break discs) are warped or something. But dealer says its an electronic part that costs $1100.00 to replace. Wow, can we justify paying that much to fix a 2002 Deville??? I don't understand how an electronic part can cause the front end to wobble when you put the breaks on. -
abs,brake,and traction control lights all are on. and nothing has been fixed.please help -
abs traction control light comes on after driving for 15 min but goes off if i let sit and restart -
ABS light and Traction Control light came on. Had it diagnosed at repair shop ($80) and told it was a bad ABS computer ($1000). I did not repair and am driving it as is. -
No solution yet. ABS/TCS/Serv Stabilty all illuminate and the TCS lights up in the DIC and engages intermitantly. Unable to determine problem.Scan shows F25 fault indicating HUB. Replaced BOTH front hubs and problem not solved! Would love to know why and what to do. I was told to replace the EBTCM but that is a lot of $ to spend on 99 Deville -
The anti-lock brake system (ABS) control module may fail causing the ABS light to illuminate -
abs light and traction control light comes on -
The abs light comes on when start my car and the stability notice comes on as well. After driving awhile and turn off the car anf start again the abs and stability light doesn't come on again. I have been told by the dealer that i need a BPMV device and because it has two sides I need both sides. I do not have any problems driving or braking but would like to get it fixed. -
New part from Dealer is over $900. Can be rebuild by 3rd party for $250. -
ABC comes on when the road are fine, bad sending unit? -
Light is always displayed. Not sure what fix is yet. -
ABS traction control lights on code IPC U1000 -
nothing but truoble with this car over 3.000 and still needs work -
Abs, traction, brake lights are illuminated. -
ABS and brake light on. Been to service center 3 times. Computer readout says sensor ok but mechanic checked and connection faulty. -
Replaced with salvaged part. -
abs light stays on -
ABS, brake, and traction control lights all stay on. Diagnosis was by google search and matching exactly my cars symptoms to many others. In process of fixing as the new OEM part is $1,000.00, after market part is $560.00 and I am still searching for lower cost part. -
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