ABS light comes on after releasing the brake pedal on 1992 Ford Ranger

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A little while ago, the rear antilock brake light came on. I'll start the truck with my foot on the pedal,and as long as my foot is on the pedal, the light is off. As soon as the pedal is released, the light comes on and stays on permenantly.

Parts replaced so far:
* Abs sensor in rear differential
* bled brake fluid from all four wheels

So my question is whethere there is something else I need to bleed at the regulator or the abs pump thing? I'm praying that it's not the regulator or the computer controlled thing. Has anyone else had this problem? I also noticed a single drop of brake fluid coming out of a rubber plug on the rear of the regulator (the thing under the driver side attached to the chassis, in case I got the name wrong). Nothing else was oily, just a stationary drop hanging out there.
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Could just be one of the sensors. We need to pull the stored code(s) to be sure. Call Jon at Dublin Auto Repair (925)828-0243 and make an appointment to have them look at it. GL
Just figured out the problem. I had to replace the air intake duct to pass smog (the old one had holes in the bellows), and after doing that, the light went from constant to intermittant. This led me to believe that it was a vacuum issue. This belief was reinforced by the fact that the light went off when I hosed down the engine compartment with water. I finally found a crusty old inch-long hose going into some box near the front of the car. Replaced that, and now the light is off, so far. I think this was the issue. It's strange that a vacuum leak would cause an abs light to come on. I hope this helps someone.
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