ABS light on 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

Why does my ABS light comes on and my brakes work fine, then the light goes off and my left front brake grabs.

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Well, the ABS light will commonly come on because of a problem with the wheel speed sensors. This, however, would not explain the behavior of your left front brake.

If this is not intermittent, I'd take the car to a shop and reproduce the behavior for a technician. Also, here's more information on the ABS warning light:
i had same prob.there is whats called a sensor harness on the left front;s the wire that plugs into your sensor on your wheelbearing;s about a foot long and runs from your sensor to a plug just inside your fender well.costs 39 bucks on amazon.there is a diif one a little higher on price.i went for the cheaper one just to see.bammmm fixed prob.i chased my tail on this for 6;s called speed sensor harness
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