1997 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Q&A

1997 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Question: ABS Light

The abs light is always on. Before I restart the engine and go away, but now for the past three days stay on. What could be the problem? -
Answer 1
Your ABS computer has many trouble codes. You need to have it scanned to find out what sensor etc is defective. -
Comment 1
im thinking mine has to do with my starter... know what it could be? my question has been posted. -
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This so called mechanic is one i wouldn`t take my car to. It sounds like he doesn`t have a clue and is only going to end up costing you alot of money doing unecisary costly repairs -
Answer 2
My 96 2500 Conversion Van started showing the 'ABS light quite some time ago - two trips to a dealer got the sensor in the rear end changed twice - it's NOT throwing a code, although it should in my opinion. After they gave up I started looking and found a corroded connector under the passenger side, a few feet from the rear end. I cleaned those connectors up and now no more 'ABS' light. Mike -
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abs light stays on. checked all brakes, bled brakes and have disconnected battery to try to reset light...
and i replaced the self adjusting cable aswell now the parking brake light stays on and the abs comes on accasionally i checked it in neutral it rolls freely no dragging i blead the brakes no air...
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