ABS light on 1997 Acura RL

ABS light comes on sometimes and stays on after starting

by in Jeannette, PA on November 22, 2010
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ANSWER by on November 22, 2010
abs control failure. most likely cause is one of the sensors is not sending a signal. you need a shop to pull the code and give you a bid Roy
ANSWER by on January 11, 2011
have the same problem...the abs control unit could be going out. When you first start the car does it make a noise like it has a hydrolic leveling system thats leveling the car out? Mine does and sometimes it only goes on for a few seconds, other times longer...been having problem for years but now light just came on, still runs and stops fine. Check repair manual on bleeding and such...that could help some.
COMMENT by on April 10, 2011
also is the CV Boot is torn it flings out all of the grease onto the ABS sensor it is a common problem
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