ABS light on 1995 Buick LeSabre

My car's ABS light turned on during a long drive earlier today. The car and the brakes worked fine for the rest of the drive and for several shorter drives, though the light was still on. Later in the day the light was off until about 10min into the drive when on a slow stop the ABS suddenly engaged and the light turned back on. Any ideas? I did a little looking online - looks like debris/wheel sensor problems are common... Also, do you know of any mechanics that will check brake codes for free? Thanks!

by in Madison, WI on March 02, 2009
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ANSWER by on March 02, 2009
You could very well have a speed sensor that is failing. As far as checking codes for free - you will need to ask around for that one. Shops spend a lot of money on their diagnostic equipment. Charging for diagnostic inspections is how they help pay for those tools.
COMMENT by on September 08, 2009
The problem was the wheel bearing - aged/weathered to the point the sensor was walking
ANSWER by on March 17, 2010
Apart from paying $70. for a scan or $115. for an Actron CP9449 ABS scanner you could check the obvious for free. 1) Make sure the sensor wiring at each wheel is intact, IE plugged in. 2) Reseat the sensor wiring connectors at each wheel. There is a wire harness about 1.5 feet long with a plug on each end that connects to the sensor at the back of the wheel and connects to the chassis harness at the other end. Connection problems are very common. 3) Check the continuity of each of these 1.5' harnesses. They flex constantly with the vehicle suspension and are likely to break on the inside. Unplug from both ends, carefully short one end with a paper clip and connect a very cheap ohm meter, or battery and lamp to the other end. Does the lamp light? Good. Wiggle the wire harness in the middle where it flexes. Does the lamp remain solid. If not you have found an intermittant open. Don't try to fix it. Replace the harness. The wire should be a special high flex type for this application. The standard automotive wire is not this type. Happy hunting. Darold
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