abs light on 1996 Buick Regal

replace master cylinder and booster got pedal abs light comes on when you get speed when crank car its not on only when you take off also the brakes are now stuck on we had to disconnect the battery did obd2 test can not read abs

by in Sumter, SC on September 20, 2010
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ANSWER by on September 20, 2010
I wonder if the push rod on the booster or master cylinder gap is not correctly adjusted. Too little clearance will cause the brakes too drag or drag as the brakes "warm up". Autozone have some popular workshop manuals for free on line once you register (for free) on their website http://bit.ly/autozone_repair_info or there is a company that independent auto repair shops "buy" their information from that offer a very reasonable service to do it yourselvers. You can get a one week subscription or year subscription very cheap. The information is year make and model specific repair procedures, service bulletins, component locations, wiring diagrams ect.... great quality information same as the professionals have ,much better than generic workshop manuals from parts stores, much cheaper than the factory manual try http://bit.ly/mitchell_repair_manuals_online and get an online repair manual subscription.
COMMENT by on September 20, 2010
thanks patrick let me start over i did not phrase it right replaced m/c and p/b/b abs only comes on when you drive the car. did the obd2 test cannot read the abs system and now the brakes lights are on car stops great just the abs light coming on and off
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