ABS kicking in at low speeds... on 2002 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

Sounds like a sensor according to other posts. Sensors aren't too expensive, but can a do-it-yourselfer fix? Is it worth giving it a shot, or should I bite the bullet and take it in?

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The biggest issues in my opinion about replacing an ABS sensor without taking it in for a diagnosis and/or repair are:
1) Is the concern constant or intermittent - meaning, is a sensor failed or is there another issue
2) is it a clearance issue between the sensor and the indicator ring
3) which sensor is causing the issue?

The last issue is that if you find you have a failed sensor, they can be very difficult to remove, especially in a climate like Minnesota. Sometimes they corrode into their mounting over the years of driving on salt treated snowy roads.

So - yes, you could take a shot, but be aware of what you may be up against. You need to start by narrowing down the concern to which affected wheel(s), and then pin point the cause at the affected wheel(s), and then attempt repairs.

Good luck with your efforts!
Excellent answer from Dave! I second every word of it.
Sometimes the corrosion push the sensor(s) away from the rings and by removing the sensors (which gets very difficult sometimes) and cleaning off all the corrosions will repair the problem.