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2000 Mercury Cougar Question: ABS, Grinding CV Joint?

I replaced the bearing, the ball joint, the tie rod and there is still movement on the hub up and down, and side to side....it seems like its moving the CV joint, and when i turn the Axle, it does sound like grinding in the outer CV joint.... The vehicle had A LOT of vibration on the passenger side front wheel (which is where all these parts have been replaced) between 50mph - 65mph.... is there something i'm missing, or is changing the Half shaft going to finally fix the issue? (all the other parts were bad due to , if it turns out to be the CV joint, the cv joint being bad. -
Answer 1
Hi, what did you find was causing all the looseness in the hub? Was something left loose? -
Answer 2
check your axel or spindle nut... i know mine came loose on the same car i got a new one and it fixed this problem... make sure you crank that nut at 200 psi at least -