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2005 Chrysler Pacifica Question: ABS dash light

Car has only 25,000 miles. ABS light comes on when road is wet and at no other time. Thank you. -
Answer 1
Have the codes checked and post them for a better idea as to what is happening. Does you car have traction control? On some vehicles this light will come on when the wheels are losing traction. -
Comment 1
Thank you, Bret, for so kindly trying to answer my question. I am on this website because I know NOTHING about cars. When you say, "Have your codes checked and post them" I have no idea what you are talking about. Bought the car used & do not know if it has "traction control". Is it possible I would lose traction control if the tires are over-filled? I live at a high altitude and this can affect the air pressure since I got it at a much lower altitude and live in a remote area so haven't had a chance to have that checked. I will be grateful for any info you can supply. Thanks again. Renee Hall -
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