Volvo V70 Problem Report

Volvo V70 The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Warning Light May Illuminate

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The anti-lock brake system (ABS) warning light and/or other dash warning lights may illuminate due to a failed ABS Control Module. Replacement of the failed module is generally required to correct this concern.

brake failure warning lite. at first intermittent, now stays on all the time. everything continues to work except the odometer. can no longer access dash or trip computer. -
my ABS control module warning light came on while driving during a road trip. no other malfunctions were noticeable. no power failure. no other warning lights. and eventually the ABS light went out. I called volvo dealer and scheduled service to come in and have the car checked out. I was told the ABS control module needed to be replaced. I authorized the repairs since my car was still under an extended car warranty. three days later the light came on again so I returned to the dealer. by the time I got to the dealer the light had gone out. the dealer called to inform me that the unit was working properly. I took the car on a road trip, the light came on again, so on my return from my trip I immediately went to the dealer. now 3 weeks later they have called me to tell me that the ABS pump was faulty and that they have replaced it at no charge to me. after I pick my car up and see the result I will report back here. -
ABS/Anti-skid sensor light came on as well as the car's noisy rubbing sound comming from the front suspension. Am currently having it repaired and will cost around $400 parts and labor. -
All incidents in year 2011, car is 6 years old with 32,000 miles. Incident #1 - ABS failure message appeared upon starting car. I drove it around the block, power was noticably supressed like it was in a low gear or the brake was on. Parked, took another car to airport. Came back week later and problem was gone. Incident #2 - Month later, ABS failure message appeared while driving. Ignored for a mile or so. Brake system failure message appeared. Electrical system failure message appeared. Pulled over. Followed instructions in manual to turn off car, let sit for few minutes, turn on again. Did not clear out problem. The car started fine, but then shut itself off by the count of 3. Towed to dealer. Replaced software for $300. Drove home 7 days later. Worked for a month. Incident #3 - ABS system failure message came on as I started the car when leaving the mall. Car immediately shut itself down. Waited a few minutes, and it started and stayed running, but power was supressed, all readings (speed, odometer, temp, etc.) were flat lined at 0. Barely made it home, then it wouldn't drive (start, then shut itself down). Towed to new auto mech shop. Replaced BCM (Brake Control Module) for $2000. Drove for 1 month. Incident #4 - Started car in driveway and it shut itself down by count of three. ABS message appearing again. Tried several times throughout day with same result. Added gas. No help. Towed to mechanic again today. No verdict yet. March 2011 -
replaced abs control module. affected the dash indicators, shifted only in 2nd gear at some point -
Speedodometer goes to zero, mileage goes blank, ABS light, traction light, check engine light, and other dash lights will turn on and off as they please -
ABS light comes on and stability control warning comes on intermittently. I have had the reduced engine performance light come on and the car lost most of it's power. We have replaced the throttle body sensor 2 times and the problem went away for a year or so each time but returned. I am told the ABS control module is defective but that costs 1600 according to my mechanic 1200 plus 400 labor to program and install. -
Warning light comes on, requires module replacement, costs about $800. -
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