ABS Brake Light on 1995 Ford F-150

My truck was not driven for about three weeks. Now the ABS light and the brake light come on and stay on when I start the truck. I can drive it so the brakes are not locked up.

by in Findlay, OH on October 01, 2009
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ANSWER by on October 01, 2009
ABS light and brake light illumination may be as simple as low brake fluid level in the reservoir which may be normal brake pad/brake shoe wear or a sign of a brake fluid leak which should be investigated. Check the fluid level first and top up if required. See if the lights go off. If not the problem may be a speed sensor or other ABS component. If the system uses one rear wheel speed sensor located in the differential it used to be a common Ford failure. Even if the ABS fails electrically the system has a fail safe where it reverts back to standard braking but is worth checking out as a matter of safety.
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