ABS and Traction light comes on. on 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis

Some times the two lights will come on and will not go off until I turn the car off and back one.

by in Riverside, CA on June 05, 2013
0 answers
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it sometimes does cut off and sometimes it takes off by itself then the abs and traction control light comes on i took it to my mechanic he hooked it up to his computer it read that nothing was wro...
hi, my 2004 gran marquis' abs and traction control light both came on at the same time, i have no idea what the issue could be,i let it warm up before i drive it so everything is smooth running. i...
Is it normal that after a traction loss, the anti-lock light comes on, then quits working , and in order to reset it, the igniton has to be turned off and then on?
The check engine light has also came on. There is an OFF button also that comes on when the car is placed in drive.

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