ABS and brake lights won't go off. on 2000 Dodge Ram 1500

I pulled out of the drive way last week and the brake felt soft. Looking at the dash I saw the brake light and ABS lights come on 2 seconds apart as the fluid emptied out behind the truck. Turns out dodge had a recall for brake lines going out next to the tank on the frame rail in 2001. I'm the second owner. The lines are now replaced by Car-X and the brakes seem to work fine. Car-x said they could'nt find any codes making the lights stay on. Dodge wants 100.00 to run a diagnostic instead of just shutting them off.I've disconnected the battery for several hours to see if that would help, but they are still on. Any ideas? Kevin

1 answer
There are plenty of shops that have a Dodge ABS capable scanner that will plug it in and shut off the code, if there is no problem for about 1/2 hour of labor. If there is a problem then the light will come back on. Since ABS is a safety system disconnecting the battery will do nothing.