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2000 Dodge Dakota Question: Abs and brake light on

Abs and brake lights on I have changed speedo sensor still on. But when the tempature is warm above 70 outside the lights does not come on. -
Answer 1
Most problems are the sensors at the wheels -
Comment 1
I do not see any wires for sensors going to any of the wheels. -
Answer 2
a common issue is the rear abs sensor. it is on top of the rear differential. the lights are an indication of abs failure. you can have a shop check the code and do a diag to verify. thanks for using repairpal Roy -
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I already changed the sensor as I stated. -
Comment 2
ok but there are 2 other sensors in the front as well. once again, you need a shop to pull the code to find the area of the failure. Roy -
Comment 3
why would they only come on when the outside temp.is below 70 degrees?? -
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have replaced the brake switch and the rear brake Abs sensor..my dokota does not have front abs...could this be a stored code or the rear tires might need bleeding? what do u all think ?
the abs and brakelight sensor light on dash come on and wont go off. check brake fluid level, thats fine. does not drive any different than usual.
Just bought a used Dakota and the ABS indicator & Brakes indicator lights on the control panel/dash board are lit up.