abs and bparking brake lights on 2003 Dodge Ram 1500

i was driving down the highway with the cruise control on and all the sudden the cruise went off and my abs and parking brake lights came on. now my cruise control doent work and the lights wont go off. i have no clue what to do.

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I recently had this same problem. Turns out the RWAL sensor in the rear differential went bad.
would it also have some thing that my cv axil boots are gooing out?
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You need to diagnose the ABS system
Your ABS system has registered a problem in the system. Since the ABS module supplies the speed signal for the cruise control, that makes sense that it stopped working.
You'll need to get the ABS system checked out to know what is causing the problem.
Good Luck!
cv boots are rubber and they crack over time and need replacement. They are not likely to have any affect on the problem you are having.
Have you had the ABS system checked yet?