2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Q&A

2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Question: About to purchase a 2008 CLK350 with just 19000 miles.

Concerned about Carfax report, which mentions replacement of camshaft seals on this car. Is this something normal even at low mileage? On a brand like MBZ? Or does this mean some serious mechanical problems? Thank you for your advice. -
Answer 1
Does it seem to still be leaking? Could just be a design flaw that even MBZ can have from time to time. If engine is clean I wouldnt worry too much. -
Comment 1
Thank you. It has been repaired at a MBZ dealership and being sold as "pre owned factory certified", -
Comment 2
If they are still certifying the vehicle it should be just fine. Enjoy your new car. -
Answer 2
Should be okay but, check the warranty and make sure this and related systems are covered for an extended period of time to ensure proper repair. -
Answer 3
not uncommon for seals to leak in any car. don't worry be happy. just remember these cars are high maint veh and at times get expensive,are you ready for that? -