About to purchase a 2008 CLK350 with just 19000 miles. on 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK350

Concerned about Carfax report, which mentions replacement of camshaft seals on this car. Is this something normal even at low mileage? On a brand like MBZ? Or does this mean some serious mechanical problems?

Thank you for your advice.

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not uncommon for seals to leak in any car. don't worry be happy. just remember these cars are high maint veh and at times get expensive,are you ready for that?
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Should be okay but, check the warranty and make sure this and related systems are covered for an extended period of time to ensure proper repair.
Does it seem to still be leaking? Could just be a design flaw that even MBZ can have from time to time. If engine is clean I wouldnt worry too much.
Thank you.

It has been repaired at a MBZ dealership and being sold as "pre owned factory certified",
If they are still certifying the vehicle it should be just fine. Enjoy your new car.