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1996 Toyota Avalon Question: About the shift solenoid/automatic transmission.

I have to decided what to do about my car and would like some input in what others would do. I noticed that my car has been shifting a little late. The check engine light is on and had it checked out. Said it was the shift solenoid and that is in the tranny. From what i heard. Also i am the third owner of this car. It has about 211,511 on it now. For some reason the second owner did not keep any records on it at all. I am wanting to replace the gasket, fluid and etc in the tranny. But what i am thinking and have heard is that if this has not been done before. If i go a head and do this. That it may cause the seals and etc to leak and i am looking at a big car repair bill. The fluid does not have a burned smell to it. It is a dark red. I would like some expect advice in what to do. Thanks for your help. -
Answer 1
if the car has that many miles I wouldnt recommend you change the fluid I ve told people before not to change the fluid but they went and did it anyway and about a week later its on a tow truck with blown transmission -
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Thanks for your advice. So do you have say any alternatives. What is you view on alot of i guess you could say additives or some thing similar you see on shelves. That are suppose to help out. A nother question for you. Since the shift solenoid is in the valve body from what i heard and that is in the tranny. Since the car is shifting a little late. Do you think say in the short/long run. That it will affect the tranny in any way. -
Answer 2
err...maybe it would help if you changed the fluid and filter -
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Had thought about that. But i am not sure if it has ever been done or not. If not and if i do it. I might be looking at a new/rebuilt tranny. -
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if its the lock up solenoid depending on the tranny you will either have to take the bottom pan or the side cover off -
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You have me thinking about some thing here. From what i was told at the toyota service department. It is in the valve body. I could be wrong here and not sure if i am. If i am and maybe you could correct me. If i take the pan off. Should i be looking at what is called the valve body. Also just your view here. If i do not have it replaced. Do you think i maybe do more harm then good. Since it is shifting a little late. -
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if its front wheel drive then the valve body should behind the side cover I would suggest you take it to a tranny shop and have them check it out -
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That would more then likely be the best thing to do. -