About the headlights on 2001 Volvo S60

My passenger side low beam headlight went out I replaced both sides. Both worked for a short time then the passenger side failed again. My message reads "bulb dipped" ?
I must have not gotten the bulb back in the holder correctly because when I inspected the bulb it was smashed. Can a bulb "blow up"? It was working after I installed it and after 1 or 2 trips out it was destroyed! Now I only have drivers side again. I've tested the bulb I'm using to replace and it's good, but there's no power to the passenger side. The fuse is good because the drivers side works. Could it be in the light switch? How can there be power to only 1 headlight?

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If i remember correctly there is a fuse for left an other fuse for right side. I would check that.
An other thing : if you replace the bulb you can NOT touch the glass part of the bulb otherwise it will explode.
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try cleaning the plug end it gets corroded and has bad connection and youll think u have a bulb out when infact it actually works try this first it may be the source of your problem volvos are notorious for bad light plugs