About my transfer case. on 1992 Mazda Navajo

I am replacing the actuator motor which had been stolen. On the transfer case there are three wires coming out. Two are together and one by itself, all three next to the driveline. Where do they go?

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What colors are they.
Blue, green and brown
Are they solid colors or do they have a tracer color on them. Which 2 are together.
Solid and the blue and green ones are together
The lt blu, lt grn go to the speed sensor on the transfer case. The brn goes to the motor clutch coil.
Ok but from what I saw on youtube there is a harness that runs to all three so how do I connect all three to where they need to go?
It was stolen, you might have research to find one. There is some part suppliers that should have one. Search the internet for it , you might be surprised what you can find. I have found a lot of things I couldn't get locally.