About my brake's on 1996 Toyota RAV4

If I am pressing on my brake pedal slowly , it will go to the floor, but if I hit the pedal hard , the pedal will stay up, or full pedal. I have bled the line's when I changed the brake pad's , that is when this problem started

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poss brk fluid leak or master cyl is going bad
thank you so very much for your help. God bless
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you either have air in the lines or a leak somewhere,check master fluid level
It is most likely you let air in the line when you bled them, it's not hard to do and honestly , I done it a few times when i was much younger....If when you push the brake quickly and it only holds a few seconds and starts going to the floore it is just air and you need to bleed them again...Get some one very reliable to help, keep the mstr cydr full check after each wheel and I bet you will have a major improvement...hope this helps..gadget
Thank you for your help.
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