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5320 Old Redwood Hwy, Petaluma, CA 94954

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AAMCO Transmissions Total Care Care -Petaluma
January 28, 2009

Ben and Joe operate a shop located on the north side of town. I first stumbled on them out of curiosity several months ago on a friday early evening and found myself engaged in a lengthy conversation with Ben. That was when I found out that Ben used to turn wrench at RAB Motors (The MBZ dealership in Marin County) for over 25 years. I decided to do some checking of my own, and have 2 friends/co-workers who used to work at RAB. In separate conversations, both of my friends were astounded to hear that Ben had left RAB after all these years, and I was strongly assured that I could not find a better mechanic to work on my cars. No argument here! So far, Ben has completed major work on two of my vehicles. ( I own several Benz's, including a classic SL.) He has demonstrated that he's very proficient, and feels it is important to take care of his customers. Ben is very well connected with various other automotive businesses and goes the extra mile to work with his customers, and to try to save them as much money as he possibly can. An added plus is that there are shop vehicles available for customers to use while their vehicles are being worked on.

Ben and Joe are the type of mechanics that I would feel very comfortable dropping off my car and telling them to do what they think is necessary, feeling very confident that I am not going to be ripped off. I should mention that I am a female professional driver, and have encountered mechanics in the past who leave a lot to be desired for the way that they treat an, apparently, single female walking into the shop alone. My husband and I recently purchased a pre-dented miniature tank (a MBZ 280C) for our 16 year old daughter to learn how to drive in. This was one of the vehicles that Ben did major work on, and we made a point of introducing our daughter to Ben and Joe in case she ever experiences automotive trouble with (soon to be) her car. I don't think I could provide any better recommendation than that.

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