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AAMCO Transmissions
November 02, 2015

Go anywhere but here…

You’ll want to get comfortable for this one.

I had my car 55k mile service at my dealership. They indicated that I had a leaking torque converter seal and that the cost would be $2700. I decided to look around and thought since this issue had to do with my transmission, to call AAMCO American Fork—can’t go wrong with a nationally recognized transmission company right?

Dave Nelson the owner quoted $1100 so I brought it in. I was without my car for 4 days when they called back and indicated that it wasn’t just a torque convert seal, “the whole torque converter is messed up” The cost: $3600. With little options and already into the repair for the bait and switch $1,100 I had no other option and told them to perform the service. 6 days later I picked up my car and immediately the car when shifting from 1st to Neutral felt as if someone was taking a sledge hammer to the engine. I called AAMCO American Fork and they said to bring it in. The next day I took it into the shop and I went on a test drive with Bob the mechanic--nice guy, who performed the service. He drove my car and validated the ‘thud’ and said to “drive it a bit longer as these things sometimes just need time to figure themselves out” Confused but not knowing any different I said I hope you’re right and that I hope to never have to see them again—jokingly.

I drove to the airport the next day. Getting back from my trip the car immediately started making a whacking noise on the freeway. When I pulled off, a hose had ruptured spilling coolant everywhere and causing the belt to slip off and shred, thrashing my hood and totaling my skid plate.

I brought it back to Dave Nelson at AAMCO American fork and he began to tell me that this had nothing to do with the transmission. Looking at the shredded belt and coolant still leaking, I asked since this was obviously a result of their ‘non fix’ and the thud on the engine causing the hose/belt to dislodge that if they could provide me a loaner car while they repair their mishap “no way, we don’t do that” 4 days later they fixed the belt for a cost of $450. I was floored when Dave Nelson said this was my charge and not on them. I said “the engine feeling like it’s getting hit by a sledge hammer every time I stop AND Bob can validate that and you think this has nothing to do with the work you preformed” Dave Nelson said no, it’s totally random and then said “have you ever heard of the expression Shit Happens” Knowing I could do nothing as he held my keys I threw down my credit card and left disgusted.

The slamming of the engine continued and it ‘didn’t self-fix’ so I decided to take my car back to my dealership for a second opinion. They said the TRANMISSION needed to now be replaced and couldn’t believe AAMCO replaced the torque converter.
I now went back to AAMCO hoping they would do something to correct the many errors of service and they quoted $3940 for a new transmission. By the way, a torque converter is inside a transmission so I they would have replaced the transmission in the first place, none of this would have happened and would have been half the cost I paid.
I requested they install a new transmission without cost and Dave said he would not, but would remove the labor cost. Not wanting to pay another dime to AAMCO American Fork, I took the time to call and find a transmission for $1400. Every the transmission company I spoke with said “NEVER take your car to an AAMCO” I wish I would have done a little research before making this huge mistake. I had the transmission deliver to AAMCO American Fork at a fraction of the cost AAMCO would have charged. After 6 more days, the service center called and this time after they installed the new transmission, they couldn’t get it into Drive. Bob said the transmission “must be bad.”
Through with AAMCO, and wanting to get my car out of there for good, a last ditch effort I had to pay $65 for a tow truck to haul my car back to my dealership for yet another second opinion. After paying $200, they were able to flash the system, correct a few issues, and get my car back on the road. It’s now been over $6000 and over one and a half months without a car.

I asked Dave Nelson to make this right by reimbursing the $450 charge that his first service caused the second issue and he would not. I asked for him to reimburse the $265 for the tow and for the cost I incurred by my dealership on a repair they couldn’t fix, and he would not. As a business owner I was floored at the lack or customer service and the treatment of someone paying thousands of dollars asking to simply reimburse charges that were paid due to their lack of competence and error

Look around, do some research and go anywhere but AAMCO American Fork.

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AAMCO Transmissions
July 02, 2008

These guys are so honest. They are the best to work with. Wood really cares about you and getting your car going again.

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