One or More Spark Plugs May be Ejectioned From the Cylinder Head on Ford Excursion

There is a technical service bulletin for the V8 engines regarding a possible problem with the spark plug being ejected from the cylinder head, damaging the threads in the spark plug hole. If the vehicle is under warranty, cylinder head replacement is recommended. If the vehicle is out of warranty, Ford authorized the use of a specific thread insert to repair the head.

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Average mileage: 174,000 (76,000–298,305)
Engines affected: 5.4L V8, 6.8L V10
4 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
41 people reported this problem
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2000 Ford Excursion - 5.4L V8 232,354 mi,
Pulled out from getting gas and heard a loud pop. Took me a while to find that the #3 plug on the driverside blew out of the cylinder now I can't get a new pkug to thread in.
2001 Ford Excursion - 5.4L V8 275,000 mi,
Spark plug blew out twice now on passenger side third one back. Is Ford fixing with the insert for free?
2003 Ford Excursion - 6.8L V10 125,000 mi,
Year 2003 also has the problem! I have a 2003 Excursion and I've had 4 spark plugs blown all different ones! BTW who cares what ford authorized!!! They should recall and fix their shitty crap!!!
2000 Ford Excursion - 6.8L V10 208,347 mi,
Driving down the highway about 65 then blam blow out broke the coilpack at the same time sounds costly havny figured out how to fix yet thanks Ford for the support
2000 Ford Excursion - 6.8L V10 194,000 mi,
TThe problem just happened. It's in the shop now to try an d fix.
2001 Ford Excursion - 5.4L V8 104,000 mi,
In late July 2015 I was traveling one night on a side street when all of a sudden I heard a boom and knocking noise that sounded like a tire blow out. When I pulled to the side of the road I realized I still had the knocking noise. The spark plug had blown and was pounding against the fuel rail making the loud noise. The dealer I went to told me that a spark plug had come loose and blown and needed to be repaired. They installed a helicoil and replaced all 7 other plugs to ensure they were tightened down correctly and wouldn't blow again, and then sent me on my way. In November 2015 I was driving on the freeway when the car started sputtering almost like a fuel injection problem. I pulled over and heard a distinct hissing noise coming from the engine that I couldn't make out. I drove a little further and the noise appeared to go away. I took the vehicle to a repair shop and they told me I had an exhaust manifold leak. I was driving the truck to the dealer for repair when I heard a pop and the knocking noise again. Right away I knew that I had blown a plug. when I took it to the dealer they confirmed my suspicion and told me that I did not have an exhaust leak, but that I had a different blown plug, and that ford suggest replacing the head and that it was going to cost $5,000.00 dollars. I was very upset, because I was told by the other dealer that if they replaced the other spark plugs this wouldn't happen again. I towed the car home and as of yet, have not finished the repair. I cant afford to spend a thousand dollars every few months every time I blow a spark plug. I think this problem should be fixed by FMC
A spark plug blew out. Hasn't been fixed yet.
2001 Ford Excursion - 6.8L V10 161,000 mi,
The rear plug on the driver's side blew out when I started pulling my trailer. $900 later, I am crossing my fingers and toes hoping it won't happen again before I can sell this crappy thing.
2001 Ford Excursion - 6.8L V10 143,000 mi,
#3 plug drivers side blew out, looks like threads damaged
I had #9 cylinder blow the sparkplug out stripping the treads and braking the ingnition coil. I was traveling through NH, and there was a Ford Dealer there that was able to put a new tread insert, replaced the sparkplug And coil pak. but didn't set the timeing for the new pak seeing that I had replaced all of them last summer with a differant brand, the truck did run but not rite, I order one to match the others. I hopr the rest of the plugs don't blow out aswell. at $330.00 per cyl. might be cheaper to replace the heads.NEW.
2000 Ford Excursion - 6.8L V10 168,000 mi,
third time the plug has been fixed, its a different one each time.
2000 Ford Excursion - 5.4L V8 156,000 mi,
the front cylinder blew out the spark plug and broke the mount for the coil pack.
Code 308 Misfire Cylinder 8. Ran very rough. Found coil pack damaged and exhaust leaking from plug on cylinder 8.
Spark plug blew out and replacing head
2000 Ford Excursion - 5.4L V8 213,000 mi,
Spark blew out of cylinder 3. Cylinder has no tread inside
2001 Ford Excursion - 6.8L V10 170,000 mi,
We had this problem occur around 170,000 and have since had it happen about 4 additional times (vehicle now has 201,000). It happens sporadically with no relation to starting engine, taking off from stop, or just driving. It seems to happen more often in the middle of a longer drive. We have had one spark plug retreaded but have since had a 2nd one blow.
#3 cylinder just blow out
I have owned this vehicle almost 2 years now and this is the third time the spark plug has blown and it has left me stranded. C'mon Ford this is awful!!! I think we need a recall, just because its an older vehicle shouldn't matter. I figure I just have 7 left to fix :(
2000 Ford Excursion - 6.8L V10 212,000 mi,
Threads for plug are gone in #3 spark plug hole
2001 Ford Excursion - 6.8L V10 127,000 mi,
Pulled out of parking lot, loud pop then a bunch of popping noises. Open the hood to see the #4 coil blown off. Did some research...crap...looking for a good repair guy around Fargo, ND that can make the repair instead of burning my money at the local Ford dealer