A slight "thumping" on the left side of my Z4 on 2003 BMW Z4

At low speeds I experience a slight/soft thump coming from either the front left or rear left tire. At high speeds all indication of this "thump" is gone. Should I have the tire's balance checked? Does this seem normal or a serious problem? In all other respects I do not experience any steering or control problems. Also, some times the steering seems to be stiff.

by in Waukegan, IL on August 24, 2010
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ANSWER by on August 24, 2010
It does sound like a tire issue. Jack up the tires on that side and rotate the tire to inspect the tire yourself. Check the tire rotates true (no wobble).
COMMENT by on August 27, 2010
Thanks for, what I suspected about the tires, I will have the tires on the left side checked out for balance etc.
ANSWER by on October 21, 2010
I too have a z4 2003 only have 12,000 miles not sure what is going on! Did you get to problem solved?
ANSWER by on January 12, 2011
What did you find out about this noise. I have a Z4 2003, with 35,000. The same exact noise has started. I would appreciate your help. Thanks

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