a one time clunky noise and a little jolt... under the car maybe engine on 1995 Mercury Villager

only when I'm on D and push hard on gas pedal from a complete stop . Not if I accelerate slowly. It sounds like the engine is dropping from car for a moment, but then it drives good.

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Sounds like the tranfer case/front differential is going bad need to have looked at but from your description that is what it sounds like.
or poss motor mount issue
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We've replaced several engine mounts in the Quests and Villagers.
Bingo....That's what it was, 3 engine mounts to replace the verdict from my mechanic....but he say I can wait.... $400/450 ouch!! Thanks everybody.... now I have a new little problem...the lights are flickering.... even the dash boards lights... Hal... how much do U charge for the job?? I am in Berkeley CA
He's right three mounts cost about $300 and the 2 hours of labor. It'll be worth it!