2008 Nissan Altima Q&A

2008 Nissan Altima Question: A loud knocking noise and significant pulling on the right side of my 08 Altima

08 CVT 2.5l v6 Nissan Altima. Any help from someone please. Loud knocking & pulling to the right side .it has 70,000 miles -
Answer 1
Suspension issue.....need to check tie rod ends and balljoints which are probably the cause. Check sway bar ends too (stabilizer links). -
Answer 2
Any front end damage due to accident or hitting something with the front wheels? What does it do when brakes are pushed, get quiter or pull worse? I mean did it just happen all of a sudden? Any recent work done on car before this? 70,000 mi. should not need any steering parts, need more info. -
Answer 3
both one and two are good answers to start with -