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  • Eric Sevim, Owner
  • Established 1997
  • 5 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 2 ASE Certified Auto Technicians
  • 72 Years of Car Repair Experience

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17 Verified Reviews
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by - Verified Customer March 02, 2013

I liked them a lot and I'm going to go back to them. It was a little expensive, but if they charge a lot and do good work, I guess that's ok. They were very pleasant people to talk to. They called me on the phone to let me know when they were done. It was a very positive experience.

by - Verified Customer March 02, 2013

They were very knowledgeable and patient for what I went in there for. I wasn't sure about what I wanted for tires. They sat down with me and didn't want to just sell me any tires. I had one little issue with one of the tires, and I called them the next day, and they said to bring it and they fixed it. They definitely wanted to make sure I was 100 percent satisfied with the job they did.

by - Verified Customer March 01, 2013

I've been there multiple times, and I've recommended them. They're great. They always pick up the phone. They give me a ride home.

by - Verified Customer March 01, 2013

I think that the customer service is very good. They explain things to me very well, and they paid for my rental car. I thought overall it was a good business. I would go back there.

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by - Verified Customer February 28, 2013

Great service, and fair. Just thoroughness about information and letting you know what work needs to be done and what they will do.

by - Verified Customer February 28, 2013

We have been going for 5 years and have always been satisfied with their service.

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by February 27, 2013

You need to make sure you know what you need and to not let them pressure you into unneeded repairs.

Reply from A+ Japanese Auto Repair Inc – by Eric Sevim June 07, 2013

Dear Verified Customer,

We are so sorry that you felt pressured into repairs. We don't pay any of our staff on commission so that we avoid this concern.

If you bring your car to our shop, we will never sell you anything you don't need. In fact, we layout a schedule for what should be done now and what can wait for later.

Please give me a call directly if you would like for me to look over your concern. Again we are very sorry that you had a negative experience and we would like to make it right.

Eric Sevim

by - Verified Customer February 27, 2013

It's true concierge service. Highly recommend.

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by February 27, 2013

They got the job done the second time, but it wasn't done in a timely manner. They told me it was going to be done the next morning. They didn't get to it until two evenings later, and then they realized they had to order parts for it.

by - Verified Customer February 26, 2013

They are very knowledgeable. They suggest things that are important to the safety of my family.

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by - Verified Customer February 25, 2013

They are very friendly. Great customer service. Good personalities in the office. Accommodating. I had to take my car back a couple times for adjustments, and they were very accommodating. They were very willing to look at the car.

by - Verified Customer February 25, 2013

They communicate well.

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by February 22, 2013

I'm very pleased with the work. Anytime I need something done I take my car there.

by - Verified Customer February 22, 2013

There were a couple of things they tried to get me to do that were minor. They added that into the list of things that should be replaced.

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by - Verified Customer February 21, 2013

They were very nice. They didn't seem like they were trying to do one over on me.

by - Verified Customer February 16, 2013

Highly professional. Work is very consistent. Never had to return for anything.

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by - Verified Customer February 16, 2013

Both Cory and Eric where very friendly. They were very customer service oriented. They were very fair on price. They were very good to me. If anyone gets service there I don't see them going anywhere else again.

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A + Japanese Auto Repair Inc is an incredible family owned shop that has been serving the San Carlos community since 1997. We found this shop to have the highest quality tools and a commitment to green business standards. Eric Sevim is the manager he has many years of industry experience as a technician, service writer and shop owner. He manages a great group of technicians with over 72 years of combined experience, 3 are ASE certified, of those 2 have their ASE Master Certification. With these highly skilled individuals and some of the industries best available tools, it's no wonder why they offer a 25 Month 25,000 mile warranty. For your convenience they offer rental cars, early bird/after hours drop off, and free WiFi.



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  • Alignment
  • Check Engine Light
  • Diagnosis
  • Hybrid/Electric
  • Muffler & Exhaust
  • Oil Change & Lube
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Since our founding in 1997 A+ Japanese Auto Repair has seen a great many changes. One of the major changes occurred in 2001. Adam and Eric took over the facility from their parents and continued to expand the family business from a small "Mom and Pop's" to the 10 bay facility it has become. Today, A+ Japanese Auto Repair rivals dealerships in repair quality, technical diagnosis staff, and customer service. Yet, through it all, our small town auto repair shop is still dedicated to those who value quality auto repair, quality parts, and outstanding service. We have also stayed true to our cost efficient and quality auto repair services offer to all clients surrounding San Carlos, CA.

We specialize on all Japanese makes: Honda, Acura, Lexus, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Infiniti, Hyundai and Kia.

We have been Voted the Best Auto Repair for 2013, 2014, 2015 by You will also enjoy our free shuttle service, free wifi, 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty, and the highest quality auto repair and service in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We hope to have the opportunity to help you with your car at A+ Japanese Auto Repair in San Carlos CA 94070. We look forward to helping you. - The A+ Japanese Auto Repair Team - San Carlos CA 94070


$25 Off Any Service or Repair Over $100.
Not to be combined with any other offers.

Just make an appointment and let us know that you found us on RepairPal.
Mention that you saw the $25 off.


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  • Kia
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  • Mazda
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Questions Answered by A+ Japanese Auto Repair Inc
i checked foer fuel in the line by the fue...
Do you have fuel pressure? When you crack a line open you should have fuel squirting out at you upon cranking. When you attempt to check this do have water or fire extinguisher handie, just in case. If you don't have fuel pressure you might take a look at the PGM-FI main fuel relay - that is a common problem.
A+ Japanese Auto Repair, San Carlos CA 94070
Need to replace alternator due to location...
You will first have to remove the power steering and air conditioning belts. Lastly, the alternator belt. All of the adjusters for the belts will be slightly different but with the lower splash shield removed and a flash light, you should be able to see everything.

Next, remove the negative battery terminal/cable from the battery (this will be insure that you don't cause a huge spark, blow a fuse, arch weld :) etc.

At this point, there are two bolts that hold in the alternator and two connectors on the back, one plastic and one more that is a cable bolted on to the alternator. That should be that! Good Luck - BTW, you will have to reset your clock, radio presets, and if the stereo has a code lock out feature you will have to enter in the code to unlock it.

A+ Japanese Auto Repair, San Carlos CA 94070
Driving car 1st thing in morning after sta...
I would look at the prior work that was completed... Start with the engine mount, maybe a bolt or nut worked it's way loose? To do a rear main seal you need to remove the transmission, axles, and a heck of a lot of nuts and bolts. People can make simple mistakes, just return back and ask them to look at the work again.
I need to know what belt goes around which...
Alternator - 4PK-0775 - smallest
Air Conditioning - 4PK-0850 middle
Power Steerting - 4PK-0880 largest
In the vehicle, i step out for 30 minutes,...
There may be two sensors by the clutch pedal if the vehicle has cruise control, take one more look. You can jump the connector with a paper click to test the sensor wire integrity. There is no clutch fuse but there is a starter siganl fuse, usually a 7.5 amps located under the dash.

Is the car makes no noise at all.... suspect battery, battery connections, ignition key cylinder, (alara if it has one) clutch switch, or starter motor.

Enjoy the weather in Hawaii!! LUCKY!
put in different starter still wont turn over
Check to see if you have signal coming to the starter signal wire (the smaller of the two going to starter). Then check the starter signal fuse. There is also a starter relay in the mix but that would probably be the last place to look.

Ignition key cylinders on these cars are known to cause issues. We have changed quite a few of them at our shop after testing them.
just swapped the engine and now it wont st...
Check all fuses first step. Check to make sure the cam and crank position sensors are plugged in (one each black connectors). I am assuming the vehicle is cranking over? I would pull the spark plugs see if they are flooded or damaged (if it is a used engine) You will probably find something simple.
we we tried to jump start our car the cabl...
Check all the fuses. If all good, you will have to bring car into a good local shop. Newer cars have electronic gas pedals and throttle bodies - one or both may have been damaged or needs to be reset.

Good Luck - A+ Japanese Auto Repair, San Carlos CA 94070
My 1999 Infinity went off into a ditch in ...
First off... you need to make sure that the catalytic converter that was installed was made by Infiniti. We have found that non-OE catalytic converter will ofter fail and set the check engine light.

Secondly, check the oxygen sensor connectors and look for corrosion on the connectors, that may be causing the wrong signals to get back to the computer.

Good Luck! - A+ Japanese Auto Repair, San Carlos CA 94070
I installed new battery after engine light...
Does the vehicle crank over? If not, recheck the connections on the battery posts. Sometimes there will be a black plastic film that is left on during installation or just a bad metal on metal connection will do it. Then check all fuses, something may have blown a fuse.
Another place to check is real simple, is the positive cable on the positive post?

A+ Japanese Auto Repair, San Carlos CA 94070
I can hear it in the rear end even when I ...
I would first recommend to drain and fill the rear differential fluid. Believe it or not, the fluid will break down and not lubricate the gear assembly properly in the rear differential. When that is the issue the noise usually showes up when doing u-turns or sharp turns.
A+ Japanese Auto Repair, San Carlos Ca 94070
center screw in distributor comes loose. d...
I would make sure to tighten it to the proper torque but before that, put a drop if lock-tight on the screw.
A+ Japanese Auto Repair, San Carlos CA 94070
2007 Kia Sportage automatic. 80k miles. ...
The horizontal plug is a fill plug and the vertical plug is the drain. I would recommend to remove the fill before the drain so that you are sure that you can fill it up (sometimes the fills can seeze).
where is the transmission filter on this car?
The filter for this vehicle is located under the transmission. You will need to drain the transmission oil and remove the transmssion pan to gain access to it. Also replace the transmission pan gasket while you are in that area.

A+ Japanese Auto Repair San Carlos CA 94070
Blower/fan vibrates as speed (of fan) incr...
I would start by removing the glove box and cabin air filter to see if you can gain access to the fan assembly. If not, remove the blower assembly (bolts can be accessed from under the glove box) and inspect. Chances are something is stuck in there. We have see rats, plastic bags, etc.

A+ Japanese Auto Repair San Carlos CA 94070
I want to replace my coolant (antifreeze) ...
No other drain on this vehicle. You can remove the lower radiator hose but the drain on the radiator should be appropriate. Use Honda Specific coolant, it is blue and comes premixed.
A+ Japanese Auto Repair San Carlos CA 94070 Eric Sevim
The car was idleing fine shut off and will...
Did you change the ignitor? Is there fuel pressure? Did the timing belt break? You can check if the timing belt is broken by having someone crank the car over and remove the oil cap and use a flash light to inspect the cam shaft to see if it is spinning.

A+ Japanese Auto Repair San Carlos CA 94070 Eric Sevim
where is the turn flasher relay physically...
They don't usually go bad.... maybe just a bulb if the flasher is fast or a switch if it is staying solid?

Relay location is bottom left kick panel in the fuse/relay box. It should be marked but it is located in the top right if you are looking straight on at it.

A+ Japanese Auto Repair San Carlos CA 94070 Eric Sevim
I recently had my lube and oil changed (3 ...
The brakes should only need to be cleaned and adjusted. The cabin and engine air filter may need to be address or it may still be okay at 15,000 miles.

Price depends on all of those items. maybe $80-$150

A+ Japanese Auto Repair San Carlos CA 94070 Eric Sevim
my right map light is out and i do not kno...
I would use a straight screw driver and if you look closely at the plastic light cover. You should be able to see a small indent. Put the screwdriver there and pry back just a bit to pop the plastic piece out. Light is underneath. I think it is a 2232 bulb.

A+ Japanese Auto Repair San Carlos CA 94070 Eric Sevim
The IAC motor needs to be replaced. Is it ...
Follow the rubber hose from your air box (Black plastic square box where the air filter is located) to the aluminum intake manifold. Where the aluminum connects to the black air tube, that will be the throttle body and the IAC motor is located on the throttle body.
Hope that helps!

Eric Sevim
A+ Japanese Auto Repair - San Carlos CA 94070
Can I get replacement light sockets for th...
If they are coming apart, yes. If they are just hard but not broken, then you should be fine.

If you do need replacement, call a local dealership and they should be able to order you some new connectors.

Eric Sevim - ASE Master Certified Technician
A+ Japanese Auto Repair
Oil leak from the heads
No. You will have to change the head gasket.... sorry :( You can certainly try sealing the heads externally, it may slow it, but it will still leak.

Eric Sevim
A+ Japanese Auto Repair - San Carlos CA 94070
engine light says I am low on coolant...ho...
There will be a black tank up in front of the vehicle. Make sure the car is cold. Locate the cap, open it, if it is very low, you can add water.

You don't want to fill it all the way to the top, but at least 1/2 way up. The coolant needs room to go up and down with temperature.

Lastly, watch for leaks after you fill the system, coolant should not evaporate or be low.

Eric Sevim - ASE Master Certified Technician
A+ Japanese Auto Repair - San Carlos CA 94070
Any suggestions on what I can do to correc...
Look back at the air filter replacement. If an air hose got pulled off or if a connector got pulled off... that is probably the issue.

Eric Sevim - ASE Master Certified Technician
A+ Japanese Auto Repair - San Carlos CA 94070
Should water pump, AC belt and power steer...
Timing belt, water pump, upper and lower idler, hydraulic tensioner, coolant, both drive belts.

We don't normally change the seals, but we do inspect them. If they are dry we leave them be.

Lastly, you may want to do the thermostat and thermostat gasket as a preventative measure as long as the coolant is drained out.

Hope that helps!

Eric Sevim - ASE Master Certified Technician
A+ Japanese Auto Repair - San Carlos CA 94070
shaft, 2 LF CV axle assemblies and 1 LF wh...
I think miles auto nailed it. But do confirm that it is not the wheel bearing. Every time the axle is tighten, the wheel bearing is loaded up and it can do strange things to the bearing, including over load it.

Eric Sevim - ASE Master Certified Technician
A+ Japanese Auto Repair - San Carlos CA 94070
at a low level. What might be causing this...
It sounds like a air conditioning blower motor resistor. I am not sure of the cost but you can call the local dealer and see if they have the part. If you have some mechanical ability you should be able to change it.

It will be located somewhere under the glove box.

Eric Sevim - ASE Master Certified Technician
A+ Japanese Auto Repair - San Carlos CA 94070
changed fuel filter,thermostat,surpintine ...
Yes, check compression. Is it is a timing belt motor? If so, do check the timing if the compression is bad before you condemn the motor.

Eric Sevim - ASE Master Certified Technician
A+ Japanese Auto Repair - San Carlos CA 94070
van drives normal no hesitation in throttl...
Yes bad connection or bad fuel sender assembly. Due to the fact that the fuel gauge goes all the way up and back down, it sounds like the gauge is okay.

Eric Sevim - ASE Master Certified Technician
A+ Japanese Auto Repair - San Carlos CA 94070
I need inspection cert and after visiting ...
Check all fuses... But most likely the shop's equiptment was the issue.

Check to see if when you turn the key to the on position, does the check engine light come on the dash? If it does you know that the computer is getting it's powers and grounds.

You can also look at the 16 pin OBD connector (located under the steering wheel area) and make sure that the pins are not bent or damaged.

Let me know what happens,

Eric Sevim - ASE Master Certified Technician
A+ Japanese Auto Repair - San Carlos CA 94070
My check engine light is on and it was ho...
Hello Pontiac G6 Owner,

I would start by having someone check your engine oil level. This code is related to the camshaft position and a valve that is controlled by oil pressure. If your oil is very low or dirty, it could set this code. Also, if you oil is low, you will start wearing out your new car's engine.

If the oil level checks okay, there is most likely an issue with the cam position sensor, control valve, computer, or wiring issue.

Let me know if you need anymore help,

Eric Sevim - ASE Master Certified Techinican
A+ Japanese Auto Repair - San Carlos CA 94070
added a fuel additive, changed o2 sensors,...
Cold start morning roughness that clears up... possible leaking injector (over night or if you let it sit for a while), possible head gasket issue (coolant leaking into cylinder), possible oil leaking past valve seals (hence oil fouled plug until it clears up.

Check coolant level, has it dropped at all? Leaking fuel injector has to be tested with fuel pressure tested and some other stuff. The leaking valve seals... look at the exhaust, is there any coloration during the rough running? Black, white, blue? - Keep me in the look.

Eric Sevim - Co-Owner - ASE Master Certified Technician
San Carlos, CA 650-595-2277
My van failed smog twice because of this. ...
You will want to check out this site... this will help -

As for repairing it. You will first need a shop or someone knowledgeable to inspect what the problem is.

Eric Sevim
A+ Japanese Auto Repair, Inc. - San Carlos Auto Repair Shop
The vehicle does not respond quickly when ...
The lack of response could be anything from a slipping transmission / clutch, something under the gas pedal (like the driver's floor mat), worn ignition components, etc.

If that Forester is the turbo model, it may just be turbo lag or a bad turbo.

As for the inspection - $169.69

Eric Sevim - A+ Japanese Auto Repair -

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