A flubber hiss sound in brake booster, when turn engine off. on 1991 Honda Accord

Brakes still working, also have slow pick up when taking off and engine sounds noisy (like its running on diesel). Could it be from less vacuum, as there's air getting out somewhere in the brake booster area.

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Replace the air check valve at the booster vacuum hose. Or the booster itself.
Thanks,ProsessorG, The brakes still seem to be working fine, so maybe I just do the valve, then if that dont work, then Booster. After market price over here in Australia is $750! A rebuild on the booster is $280, rebuild takes 2 days.genuine part is unavailable and also, I found out engine mounts for this model and year car is not being manufactured any longer in genuine. I just had back and front mounts done with ''after market'' mounts and car still shakes. - could have over heated engine. I only discovered it when I noticed my car sounded different on the way home after getting the front and back engine mounts replaced and thermo fan kept kicking in, looked under hood when got home to find water with green coolant leaking and that hiss and flubbery sound. Neighbor got me a heater hose to temporarily fix so that I could drive back to workshop. They said that there was nothing wrong with it shaking, that's just the best it can be with the 'after market mounts' !!! unbelievable. And dismissed noisier engine sound and slow take off and whining sound when I slow down. They spoke to me as if I was imagining things. But I'm not giving up, I'm going to get it taken to another place for test drive and check over. I asked the 'young mechanic, how on earth could there be a hole in the hose, since the car had also been serviced and all hoses checked. He replied, that the other mechanic helping him, must have punctured the hose while pulling the engine mount bracket out. Could it be possible that the Booster area got knocked as well by that bracket being pulled out? hmmmm I wonder .. Thankyou so much for your quick response to my question.
Wow, the prices are crazy there, it showed Hawaii on your post. I didn't know where you were, but had to go to bed. To check to see if the mounts are an issue, get a jack, floor jack is easier, and jack the engine up just a little to get the weight off the mounts, without raising the front end of the car. See if the vibration calms in the car, if so the mounts are still an issue, if not the engine itself is the issue. By the way you're describing the conversation with the mechanic, there is no telling what they might have done.
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