A clicking sound similar to when turn signal is on, but a little faster. on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

The clicking sound comes on randomly. Will not when the turn signal is on, or when the car is not in motion. Recently have changed the headlights, and yes,had to make some adjustments with the wiring to have them work. Lights work properly.

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Why did you have to alter wiring for new headlights? High output bulbs installed, other than stock? Now, is this when the "clicking" started?
No high output bulbs. Headlights are dual halo projector, with H1 bulbs, 75w each. That is smaller then stock
Hi beam, yet slightly biger then Lo beam 68w stock. Had to alter wiring in the headlight, since connections did not corespond with original plug. Not one of those "plug and play" after market headlights i hopped for.
IS this when the noise started?
Probably. The radio is on at all times, so...most likely, but am not sure.
As I mentined, it is randomly. Same sound as the blinker makes, but faster, from same location.
Unplug all headlights to see if it stops, if so there is your problem. When it starts doing it that is.
Was thinking of that. Will i get the silly "engine check" warning lite?
Thanks for the sugestion!!
No check eng. light!
thanks again!
You bet.
Well, if I unplug the lights, of course, will not have that sound.
That will not solve the issue. The clicking continues after the turn signal
stops, but not always, and for differnt lenght of time.
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Right, and what causes it, was the question!
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