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A Better Wrench
July 24, 2014

I have hsd very good experience with ABW over the years. Max Scroggs has been working on Mercedes most of his adult life and I my experience what he doesn't already know he researches to provide the right advice/service. He has earned a fine reputation for giving reliable service and not selling or charging for what is not needed. That said, Mercedes parts are expensive some models, especially in the 2001-2008 years, are especially problem-prone. I've owned an ML, several E-series, and an S and have always felt that I came out better at ABW than at the Cary Mercedes dealer; they advised me to replace the breaks on my 2006 E when there was about 30% wear and when I got a second opinion said "well we just want your safety to come first." They upcharge on everything and their service advisors are slimy. The ones in Greensboro are better but not as truthful as A Better Wrench. Max isn't "defending" the brand or trying to get you to trade in for a new car; he just gives advice about what he would do and weighs the costs of alternative approaches. I almost always go to this shop for service on my Mercedes, and several are old and in very good shape because of that "habit."

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