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1999 Volkswagen Cabrio Question: 99 VW Cabrio Air Conditioner

Hey autotechpat... Thank you for answering. Yes, the blower works(sort-of) When I have it on 4, it's cold for only a few moments, then it blows warmish air(not sure if it's road air temp or circulated air) When it's on 1, I think air might be comming out, but it's not cooling enough. I did notice when I turn the switch on 1-2-3 or 4, there's a clicking noise for a moment. The mechanic said it was fully charged and no leaks, also said it's not the relay switch eather.(Thought that could have been it too) Please HEEELLLPPPP if possible. Thanks again for replying. Toni -
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Hey Toni, Were you able to get this issue resolved? Thanks! -