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1999 Chevrolet S10 Question: 99 s10 Dash brake light on.. ABS light is not on and functions properly

Dash brake light is on. all light bulbs are working, emergency brake pedal has no effect. Master cylinder has NO low fluid level switch on it. fluid is full anyways.. Brake pedal seems a little low but vehicle stops fine. Pads and shoes are in good condition. Whats up with the light and how to turn it off. mas1487us on yahoo.. Thank you. -
Answer 1
master cylinder?will the pedal sink when applied?if the pedal goes below a certain point it will trip the light. -
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I was considering the master cyl. The pedal goes low enough to not be able to get my other foot under it. Pedal seems normally functioning and does NOT fade away. Just seems low. All e brake functions are good, tested the pedal, switch, wiring, nothing from it makes the light go out. I jumped the light swithon the abs unit.. no change. Not sure why there is no low fluid level sensor but , it does not have one.. thanks -
Answer 2
Make sure your parking brake pedal comes all the way up, while holding the release pull on the pedal with you hand. Does the light go out then? If not disconnect the switch for the parking brake, if the light goes out that is your problem. If the light goes out when you manually pull the pedal you most likely have parking brake cables that are not sliding freely or the return spring on the pedal is broke or is worn out. -
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Did all this tried alll that, un plugged and even grounded the 1 wire to e brake switch. No change. this is the symbols (!) (brake) i see in red on dash. Yellow ABS light cycles like normal. ty for responses -