99 Nissan frontier begins to run rough and stops after 10 miles give or take. on 1999 Nissan Frontier

the 99 Nissan frontier will start and run fine for up to approx. 10 miles. it then begins to run rough and then chokes down. we pulled over and restarted the engine, added some gasoline into the intake through the breather piping, this had no effect on the rough running engine. the exhaust output is pretty strong at this time. when the engine is stopped about 30 minutes it starts and runs fine until again until driven approx.10 miles. the check light works when starting but does not stay on after 10 seconds.
do you have any idea what the problem could be.

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I agree with pushrod nissans and toyotas are bad for distributors
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Yep, if it is the 3.3 V/6 i do, you should include that info. any time you need help on a vehicle! The distributor is failing, need to replace it with a NEW one, not reman. That is the entire distributor assembly! Very common problem on this engine. It is also hard to do any kind of testing as it usually dosen't turn on the check eng. light or leave any trouble codes. Usually runs good cold and through the warm up process then starts running rough until it cools off again, then same thing over and over, sound familiar? Let us know the results.
best idea I heard. thought that might be the problem then theres the plugs wires and all that stuf about having to take of the intake scared the crap out of me so ill try your suggestion.
This problem I have found goes like this: start 'cold' engine and raise hood, watch engine while it runs to operating temperature. Usually runs smooth until it gets warmed up... Then you can actually see it starting to run rough and gets worse the longer it runs!... Let engine cool and the process is repeated every time!!.. I have checked and there is NO test that can be done other than distributor replacement! ... This multi componet distributor also known as 'crank angle sensor' is a cat of a different color than anything I have ever seen!!