99 Millenia just bought had check engine light come on from a vacum line clog on 1999 Mazda Millenia

I just bought a 99 Mazda Millenia for my daughter,the car is in excelent shape the day after I bought it the check engine light came on. Their mechanic is a friend he stayed late found out the code was a clogged vacum line he cleared the line and the code.The next day the light is on again, i assume its the same thing.Can anyone help me,Im sure the car will be my responsability soon it was sold as is.The mechanic there i just spoke with said he will do a full induction cleaning.Not sure what he means by that,if you do will it help. Thanks in advance for your help

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What was the check engine code ? No doubt whoever sold you knew had problem and cleared so you wouldn't see during sale.
Unsure of the code but the mechanic who is a friend and recommended the car completely cleaned the induction system,pulled throttle body off and pretty much everything I read about it he had done.Its running great with their appologise..Nice to know their are still honest people who do the right thing,thanks for everyones ihelp and interest,its a great site.
Ok cool maybe just one of those things. Hope it's running good and engine light stays off. Yeah found help with this sight a while back and thought would put back some info as I know it.
Still running great and no check engine light,Thanks again.