99' Amigo auto Transmission shift delay - 1st gear! HELP on 1999 Isuzu Amigo

99 Amigo 40k miles, never had Auto Trans Fluid Changed or Trans Service..delay in 1st Gear and comes out of gear in 1st as well at times. All other gears are normal and smooth. Any ideas? Maybe just a trans fluid low, need check and service? Electrical something? No lights on dash ever for failures. Any kind of adjustment within Trans to fix? 6cyl Automatic.

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do you have a ck eng light on or trans codes?you may want to try a trans service and see what happens. seek a free diag and est from aamco
"No check Trans lights on dash, code unknown as I take in today in Apopka and replace trans fluids and filter. Drive is not engaging correctly and it slips from drive to neutral every now and then when stopped and occassionally driving. I will NOT put a new or rebuilt trans in a truck that is worth under 5k. The trans has never been serviced.. ever! 41k miles, could be old fluid, dirty - filter bad etc. How about the Solinoid, any thoughts on that? Thanks so much for the advise. JV

NEW REPLY: "Its Fixed thanks to Central Florida Auto Repair! It needed ATF / Filter and pan had leaks.. under 200.00 COOL!
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