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1999 Chevrolet S10 Question: 99 2.2 s10 HOW CAN I BE FOR SURE IT'S THE HEAD GASKET AND NOT THE RINGS.

I did a compression test wet and dry with not much of a difference both at around 5 to 10 psi. I took the head off and the head gasket looks like it was just put on. The bolts inside the head were tight but the bolts on the outside were not tight but not loose. I'm kinda stuck. Any advice? -
Answer 1
Check the timing chain. -
Answer 2
Did all cylinders have low compression and truck would not run? Or a bad misfire on one or more cylinders? What was the problem to start with? -
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I bought the truck like this. I kinda knew or thought it needed a head gasket, or a head. I checked the timing first then the compression. the front and rear cylinder built up compression while the center two had none. When I took off the head the outside bolts seemed like they were not torqued down like the bolts inside the head. It' looks like a new head gasket so my thoughts are that the outside bolts were either not torqued right or they've come loose. The former owner said it didn't smoke before it stopped so this makes me think it's not the rings. I'm thinking about getting a $20.00 gasket putting it on then checking the compression. Any thoughts would be helpful. -
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Check the block and head mating surfaces with a straight edge! Recheck head gasket 'between' 2&3 for signs of compression leakage. If any doubt, have head resurfaced!! Check valves closely. Turn head upside down and level, pour some gas into cmbustion chamber around valves, it should stay there! If it does not have valves worked. -