98 Lumina driver's window stuck down. How do I bypass the switch to raise it? on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

I'm pretty sure it's the switch that's the problem, but I need to get the window up for now. I have the switch unplugged from its harness.

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Stuck armature in window motor is the most likely suspect! Door trim panel will need to be removed, tap motor with a small hammer while pushing switch to the up position. Or have motor replaced.
Will try it. Many thanks for the note!
UR welcom, sometimes, SOMETIMES, slamming the door will jar the motor enough to make it work, just not too hard. Can hit the inside door panel with a rubber mallet lower part about the middle,pushing up on switch, might make window go up, then remove switch so it dont roll down again, until fixed.
Got it! Again, many thanks!
Just replace the motor and get it over with.